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Border Collie For Sale Scotland

border collie pups in biggar

Biggar Lovely border collie pups, very friendly, well socialised and will make great family pets. farm ..

- dogs, collie
*2 very pretty* red and white border collie girls for sale in dumfries sold

Dumfries .. grandmother can be seen. see photos of mother, dad, and grandmother. they will make ideal companions/pets for active families or to train as working sheep dogs. price .... £300 if ..

- pets
Wanted border collie in buckhaven

Buckhaven a border collie that is 9months- 2 years old. i have a daughter who adores animals especially dogs. .. i have experience with border collies as i used to have one but sadly had to give her to someone. ..

Gorgeous chocolate tri & merle border collie pups for sale in uplawmoor sold

Uplawmoor secure. can deliver for fuel costs. please be aware that while border collies make very rewarding pets, ..

border collie pups

Shotts Pets age : 8 weeks, 2 days old.

border collie dog pups in peebles

Peebles Lovely farm reared collie pups for sale, boys only available. one brown and white and five black ..

Salsburgh border collie pups black and white male ad female 8 weeks old farm reared mother and father can be ..

*ready now* stunning red/white & black/white border collie pups in dumfries

Dumfries .. selectively bred for colour and temperament. they are very friendly puppies with good appetites ... used to seeing other dogs and people. both mum and pups have been regularly wormed ..

- puppies
*born on armistace day*.... 7 cheeky selectively bred border collie pups in dumfries

Dumfries .. new homes as from 6th january ** some are black and white and some are tri colour as seen in the photographs and should have nice medium length coats when older. they have been well ..

Galashiels Family friendly house trained ball focused pleasant natured dog

2 border collie pups for sale

Motherwell Pets age : 7 weeks, 6 days old. *

border collie for sale in bridgend

Bridgend Lovely bitch, been brought up around children and livestock, just havent got the time to spend with her due to work commitments

Salsburgh border collie pups black and white male ad female 8 weeks old farm reared mother and father can be ..

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