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Chickens For Sale Nottinghamshire

Laying chickens for sale

New Ollerton chickens for sale: 3 beautiful laying hens (laying 3+ eggs a day). comes with converted shed if ..

- hens
8 beautiful pekin chickens

Nottingham .. 7 hens and 1 cockerel for sale. just born last year and now laying lovely fresh eggs very friendly , make no noise, i let them roam free and they go back in there shed themselves. 30 ..

- small
chickens for sale

Nottingham Commitments, have descided to let them go, been laying for 2mounths now, any questions just ask, £7.50p each. phone /email well come.


Nottingham Hens around 7 off to go have different commitments, been laying 2 months, any questions just ask, phone /email

Eglu classic mk2 pink w. 2 metre run,feeder,drinker,can be used for chickens,ducks...can deliver

Stapleford Eglu classic mk2 in pink perfect for 2-4 chickens. easy to clean - only once per month! feeder and ..

chickens for sale

Nottingham Pekin bantams 1 cockeler 2 hens £30 for the 3 all 2 hens lay

chickens and cockerel

Rainworth I have several laying hens and a cockerel for sale, £4.00 each or 6 for £**, cockerel £3.00

Cockerels for sale(chickens)

Mansfield 4 pure breed cockerels for sale light sussex bantam cockerel frizzle pekin cockerel blue pekin cockerel black pekin cockerel

- sussex
Four chickens

Swannington Four laying hens. two black rocks, a light sussex and a speckled hen. only one year old.they all lay eggs, everyday. £50 for all four.

Point of lay hybrid chickens pol chickens for sale

Stapleford I have for sale brown hybrid chickens they are approximately 26 weeeks old all laying £8 each make .. great pets and a steady supply of eggs approx 320 a year please see my other ads for more chickens ..

- pets
4 x chickens with coop and run, and additional large walk in run £

Carlton 4 x chickens for sale. all roughly one year old. one bluebell, one amber, one black rock and one .. speckledy. i'd be willing to sell the 4 chickens for £25 if the coop/run are not wanted. the coop and small ..

- poultry
Black pekin bantam hens. chickens for sale

Stapleford .. some black peking bantam hens these are very nice birds with a great temperament they would make an ideal addition to any flock. other hens available please see my other ads viewings ..

- birds
Pekin bantam pullet chickens for sale

Nottingham Pets age : 5 months, 4 days old.

Pol white star chickens for sale point of lay

Nottingham Pets age : 9 months, 8 days old.

Bluebell chickens point of lay for sale

Nottingham Pets age : 7 months, 22 days old.

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